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At Le Chat Noir Restaurant, we pay great attention in the choice of the fresh produce we use in the making of our delicate cuisine. 
Inspired by the seasonal goods available, our chef creates a large variety of delightful daily specials that will match your appetite, seduce your palate, and serve as an invitation to discover the diversity of traditional French cuisine. 

Each day, for lunch and dinner, you will enjoy a different daily special from various French terroirs, such as:
• bouillabaisse (fishermen' soup from Marseille)
• cassoulet (traditional stew from Toulouse)
• confit de canard (duck leg confit, from southwestern France)
• foie de veau (calf liver)
 gigot d'agneau (delicious leg of lamb)
• and many more...



Tuesday: Foie de veau
Wednesday: coq au Vin
Thursday: Marmite de Poisson
Friday: Bavette a l’echalote
Saturday: Cassoulet

Due to their taste and quality, our daily specials have a tendancy to induce some cravings!
Fortunately, we feature your favorites pretty often.