Le Chat Perché

With walls bathed in pumpkin and pomegranate tones and sun pouring through the skylight ceiling, Le Chat Perché, the Wine Lounge atop Le Chat Noir restaurant, pays homage to vintage -- wine-making and a retrospect to art nouveau and silent films. Catering to all your whims and tantalizing your senses, this new space offers a warm atmosphere to unwind with the impressive wine list of Le Chat Noir Restaurant and a wide-range of unmatched cocktails for you to choose from. 

It is the only place in the capital where you can sip a Saint Emilion Grand Cru while watching silent images of Greta Garbo or Gloria Swanson on a movie screen. 

Open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights at 5:00 pm.


Cocktail List

"One martini is alright, two is too many, three is not enough."  — James Thurber

Monthly Wine Tasting

Discover the wines we have picked this month, while enjoying a relaxing experience at the end of the day...

Enjoy a Complimentary Wine Tasting every first Thursday of the Month from 6:00 to 8:00pm.


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Thursday is Half-Price: Enjoy a nice discount every Thursday (except the first Thursday of the month when the Complimentary Wine Tasting occurs) Our wine by the glass, delicious cocktails, and cheese & charcuterie selection will be half-price! So, join us and take advantage of this deal while perusing Cabaret-style movie images on our lounge screen. Don't miss these weekly rendez-vous to wind down with friendly people.

Friday & Saturday: Wine by the Glass is Half-Price! We'll make your week-end brighter. A nice incentive for you to taste our monthly wine selection at Le Chat Perché, the friendly wine lounge atop the restaurant... A great place to start the evening, while responsibly enjoying wonderful wines!

Watch and Sip

Enjoy some of your favorite movies while tasting our selected wines or cocktails. 
Every month, Marie and Sam will chose some classic films to be projected on the screen behind the bar of the lounge. From silent chef-d'oeuvres to unforgettable musical we will pay tribute to the talented people of the cinema.